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HID Waterproof Silicone Wristband watch card

HID Waterproof Silicone Wristband watch card

HID waterproof silicone wristband watch card 125 khz, colors: Yellow, Blue, Red,Black(Default color :blue), flexible.


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HID Waterproof Silicone Wristband watch card

HID Waterproof Silicone Wristband watch card 125 khz is a very convenient choice for Beach Front Buildings, Condos with Pool amenities, and for maintenance personal in any building with an Access Control System and HID reader technology.

Building Tenants just need to wear their HID Wristband Watch when going to the Beach, to the Pool or anywhere they like without having to worry about carrying a wallet or an access control card. These HID Silicone Wristband are fully waterproof, so swimming with them, is not a problem. When tenants come back to the building they just close their hand to the HID reader and the door will open for them.

With this HID Waterproof Silicone Wristband watch maintenance employees can open all Access Control doors  quickly without the need to put their hand in the pocket.

These HID Silicone watch card are formatted with the HID® 26-bit, 125 khz, H10301 card standard format used on the vast majority of proximity readers and credentials on the market. These Wristband cards work with the same readers that both, the HID® 1386 ISOProx® and 1326 ISOProx® key cards work with. This is the credential format that the “standard” HID 26 bits, 125khz proximity reader systems use in any access control system using HID technology.


  • Frequency : 125 KHZ
  • Diameter : 65 mm
  • color: Yellow, Blue, Red,Black(Default color:blue)
  • Material : silicone
  • water-proof
  • Acid-proof
  • Alkali-proof
  • Resistant to oxygen , ozone and sunlight
  • Flexible
  • Anti-adhesive
  • Low chemical reactivity
  • Low toxicity
  • operation temperature : -40℃ to +85℃

Colors: Yellow, Blue, Red,Black(Default color :blue)

Wristband available sizes “Diameter” (45/50/55/60/65/74 mm)

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